Shipping Information

Thank you for ordering from The Normal Store! Your custom is very important to us.

In case of questions about shipping times, please take a look at the below guide:

Items will usually take on average 2 weeks to arrive. However, due to the level of demand this can sometimes be more. If you have not received your item yet, please be patient we promise we are doing our best to get it to you!

To ensure that we can fulfil as many orders as possible, as quickly as possible, we will usually ship products in separate boxes and products will often arrive at separate times.

Once we have fulfilled your order, you will receive an email from us - we will then send you an email with the tracking number once the item has left the store. If you have not received this yet - don't worry! We will get it to you soon.

As we are shipping items from across the world, sometimes they can get damaged or lost in transit. If this does happen, send us an email along with a picture of the problem straight over to and we will resend you your item free of charge.



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