Trying Out the Flask Bangle at Brunch in the Park

 This weekend the TNS team had a great time trying out one of our favourite new items - the Flask Bangle! This fun little gadget is made to hold drinks (alcoholic or otherwise), meaning you have to spend less on the insane prices when in a venue or festival.

TNS are based out of Barcelona. One of the many cool things about living here is the ridiculous quantities of parties and festival going on, particularly during the summer months. One such of these festivals, Brunch in the Park, has been a regular weekend event for us since moving here 5 years ago. It's great fun with cool artists from all over the world and a nice international crowd, but the only consistent problem is the expense of the (admittedly delicious) drinks when you get into the event.

So, on a sunny Sunday in August, we decided it was the perfect time to try out our new gadget. Along with a group of our female friends, the TNS team headed up the mountain to see whether we could shave off a few euros from the cost of our day at the festival.

It's very common for people heading to the festival to spend some time lounging around the nearby parks pre-drinking before heading in, so it didn't look weird for us to be there with a bottle of Spanish gin, and after a few gin and tonics, and the sun beginning to reduce in heat we decided it was time to head in.

The Flask Bangle held around 4/5 generous shots worth of Gin, enough for us to continue with our gin and tonics inside. We passed through security without even a second glance at the Bangle on Valentina's arm and we were in!

Valentina headed to get us some tonic water (4 instead of €20!) and we snuck into the centre of the crowd to decant our secret supply of gin. The Bangle caused quite an unexpected stir as we got it out, and at one point we weren't sure what was calling more attention - the DJ or the Bangle!

The Bangle absolutely did it's job - no problems with security, held more than enough gin for us to have a couple of additional looseners before the really heavy music kicked in and at one point we used it to transport an entire gin and tonic and it stayed nice and cool!

A great little gadget for sure and one we will definitely be using again.

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