These 3 Retro NES Games Made Our Childhood

If you're like us, you still get a rush of nostalgia every time you think of the SNES and the classic games which, in a sense, are still yet to be equalled. The NES, already a beast in the world of gaming, was only really surpassed when it's successor the SNES was brought out at the start of the 1990s. The games that the console was home to still echo through the annuls of gaming history and are in many ways just as enjoyable now as when they were first played.

There are a couple of games and series of games which have really stuck with us as Retro Gamers, and although its difficult racking our brains to come up with our favourite 3, the following still brings a pang to our stomachs, and maybe even in some cases a nostalgic tear to our eye each time we think about it.


1. Double Dragon

We're specifically talking about Double Dragon II here, although both the prequel and the sequels were all excellent in their own way. What made Double Dragon stand out for us was the storyline that the developers weaved into the game. Aside from all the super cool special moves and new slew of enemies, the DD2 ending felt like an actual pay-off to the story which was clearly thought about throughout. We don't want to spoil it, but if you make it through the 9 levels to the end, it's worth it.


2. Gradius

Is there anything more satisfying than levelling up a character? We don't think so, and Gradius managed to do this in a really nice, balanced way. Taking the somewhat slow, underpowered ship and turning it into an alien-destroying goliath is worth the slightly story-light gameplay, and players could take immense satisfaction in the various defensive or offensive upgrades offered from stage to stage.


3. Super Mario Bros

The King. The original Super Mario game set off an earthquake in the gaming industry and cemented Nintendo as the beast of the gaming industry. Amazingly entertaining, with a great storyline, varied levels and nostalgia-inducing soundtrack to boot, this still deserves to be named up there in the top 10 games of the 80s, if not of all time. Just listen to the little noise as you collect a gold coin, which seems to encapsulate the entire retro gaming industry.

Those are our three favourite games - do you guys agree? Let us know in the comments below your thoughts!


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