The Wine Lovers Starter Kit

Let's be honest - who doesn't love wine? Whether a full-bodied red on a cozy winter night, or a crisp, chill white on a summer's day nothing beats the rush of flavour of the first sip that sends your tastebuds into overdrive.

However, if you're like us, you realise that wine can be more than that. Wine accompanies the best and worst times of your life like a trusted friend, there to make sure you enjoy parties just that bit more and take that breakup just a bit better. Wine is our buddy, our partner in crime and our therapist, and for this we thought that it was about time that we celebrated, demonstrated and protected our friend wine through some of the best wine products in the world.


1. The Red Wine Phone Case

What says, 'I love you red wine' more than putting their likeness on the back of your phone? This little case will not only remind you about your friend wine every time you pick up your phone, but also looks super stylish with real wine-like liquid in the glass.

2. The Flask Bangle

Isn't it annoying when you get to a venue and they're trying to bar you from coming in just because you were the clever frugal one who bought their own drink? No more will this be a problem, with the Flask Bangle! This stylish little accessory looks like an oversized piece of jewellery, but in fact is a clever hiding place for your good friend Cabernet Sauvignon. Take that bouncers!


3. Wine Lock

For anyone that has ever lived with housemates, spouses, or just about anybody else, you know the danger of leaving a bottle around for greedy wine stealers to grab. Foil them in their plans with the wine lock! Just set a code, place on top and rest easy knowing your precious wine is safe. 


Those are our favourite wine accessories - have you used one? Wine lover yourself? Let us know in the comments!


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