The Holiday Essentials to Take With You This Summer

It's that time of year again - time to slather on that sun cream and hit the beach. But wait - there are a few steps to take before you're on that beach sipping mojitos - and these are usually, for want of a better word - a bit of a ball ache. Even when you're on that beach, there's usually going to be something to come along and ruin (or perhaps slightly impact) your chill.

You work hard, you save all year - why should you be anything other than completely relaxed when you finally get to that Cuban paradise? That's why the TNS team are here to help. We've curated some of the finest items to make your life just that bit easier in the tropics.


Essential Item #1: The Lazy Nap Pillow.

Well done - despite those 3 or 4 final airport beers you've made it to the plane on time. But the problem now is that you have to get on to a giant metal tube and get pinged across the world with someone's elbow in your ribcage for 8 hours. The only good flight we always say, is one where you are effectively unconscious.

Enter the Lazy Nap Pillow. With this comfy little helper fitted snugly over your eyes, you can drift off to sleep leaning on the chair, window or your neighbor for some 360 degree comfort. Nice.


Essential Item #2: The Multi-Tool Card.

You've made it to the Jungle - but disaster has struck. You can't open those road beers you took with you and they are warming up fast. But wait! Some clever person ordered a Multi-Tool Card from TNS. With this wallet-sized little beauty, those beers are getting opened, and you can even saw down some (small quantities) of wood while you're drinking it and tighten any screws that happen to be there as well.

Essential Item #3: The Bullet Lighter.

Finally, you're at the beach and an enterprising young gentleman has approached you to sell some cigars. When in Cuba eh? With cigar in hand you look up, but wait! Your definitely-legitimate friend has disappeared into the undergrowth and left you without a lighter to spark those Montecristos up! Never Fear! The Bullet Lighter that you always keep with you was made for times like this. Simply unscrew and get puffing...


So there you go guys! Some little holiday hacks to keep you smiling on the beach. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments!


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