Kitchen Hacks to Make Your Life a Little Easier

Whether you’re a hard working mum, a bachelor racing around town, or even a divorced dad unsure of how to even turn on the oven (lazy stereotype we know), everybody could use with a little helping hand in the kitchen. Who wants to be sweating over a stove or pounding garlic into a pulp when you could be on the sofa with a Cabernet Sauvignon and the latest episode of Stranger Things (It’s coming soon!!!!).

It’s for this reason that The Normal Store have curated a number of tools that can be used to make your life just that little bit easier. Some of our favourite are listed below.

1. The Sushi Bazooka

Picture this, you’re tired, your feet hurt, you haven’t been able to sit down all day! The last thing you want to be doing is spending 2 hours trying to prepare something for the family that is just that bit different, that bit more elegant, and then offer the kids a soggy pile of sushi rice with a crabstick inside. KABOOM – enter the Sushi Bazooka. This nifty little contraption ensures that you make a perfect Maki every time. Hijo ni subarashi! As they say in Japan.

2. The Easy Pour Clip

Breakfast time! The sushi last night was an absolute hit! I bet you’re feeling like quite the kitchen master. Down come running the kids, admiration in their eyes for the oriental feast you put on last night as you glide to the counter top to prepare some cereal for the little ones. But wait, the bag of cereal is a little difficult to open, better give it some elbow grease. Whoops! That was a bit hard. Oats. Everywhere.

If only there was a way to avoid this oaty mess – wait there is! The Easy Pour Clip!

3. Wine Preserver

Didn’t follow steps one and two and now your recipe was a disaster? We told you so. But it’s ok, go grab a glass of wine, that will make you feel better. But wait! Which idiot left the cork out of the bottle, do they not know what happens to uncorked wine??

Let’s take a sip - yup, thought so, I have a bottle of vinegar in my hand instead of wine. If only there was an object that simultaneously removed the oxygen from the wine bottle, whilst reminding me of how many days it has been uncorked, all whilst looking super stylish. Er hello! The Wine Preserver…


Hopefully these little hacks will make your life just that little bit easier, and if not, there’s always the drinking section of the shop to make you feel better….

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