Jazz Up Your Home With The Normal Store

Who wants a plain, boring house? At The Normal Store we consider ourselves champions against the normal, the boring or the humdrum, and if you feel the same, where you live should be an extension of this! That's why we have collected together a few of the most useful (but somewhat quirky) home hacks to make your life easier, but at the same time add a bit of je ne sais quoi, as Abel our French colleague would say.

A mans (or womans) home should be their castle. At the Normal Store we say - why shouldn't this be a bouncy castle?

Wacky Home Item #1: The Toothpaste Dispenser

Ever looked at that shrivelled old toothpaste tube with a crusty top or rancid old toothbrushes bathing in their own minty pool and thought to yourself, 'my bathroom deserves better than this'? Well us too, and that's why we bring to you the Toothpaste Dispenser. Consign these problems to the past with a little contraption that delivers you the perfect pea-sized dollop of toothpaste whilst providing a handy little protective rack for your toothbrushes!


Wacky Home Item #2: The Nose Dispenser

Snot, in general, doesn't exactly inspire images of hygiene. However, with the nose dispenser you will forget all these outmoded images of snot and mucus, and come to think of the nose as the very focal point in your house for when you feel like you need to cleanse or freshen up. We say the nose is overdue a makeover, and the Nose Dispenser is an important first step in achieving this. 


Wacky Home Item #3: The Toast Cushion

Pointless? Probably. Weird? Maybe. Comfortable? Definitely. The Toast Cushion - so its a cushion, but looks like medium-rare toast. About a 3 on the dial we should say. What better way to say 'I eat breakfast here', than decorate your kitchen chairs with a stuffed, less tasty version of your morning meal.

Have we inspired you to transform your currently boring house? Let us know in the comments!


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